Plant Collected: Cilantro


Date Collected: Feb 12, 2011


Part of plant used and amount: The whole plant. (56g)


Extraction process notes:

Simmer for four hours in enough water to cover the plant material. Strain the dye material from the plant material.




Dye Recipe


Material/ WOF: Wool 7g/ Cotton 16g


Dye/volume: 4 ½ cups


Mordant/amount: alum (15% WOF) for wool/ tannin (10% WOF) for cotton


Additions: Cream of Tartar 1 tbsp



Recipe notes:

Mordant the fiber for 1 hr using enough water so the fiber moves freely in the bath. Rinse and put in dye. Add cream of tartar. Leave the material in the dye bath for 14 hrs heating it up in between for 2hrs at a low simmer. Let cool. Rinse until water runs clear.

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