Plant Collected: Rosemary


Date Collected: Feb 12, 2011


Part of plant used and amount: The whole plant (18g)


Extraction process notes:

Simmer for four hours and let cool before using the dye.  Use enough water to cover the plant material.  Strain the dye material from the plant material.




Dye Recipe


Material/ WOF: Wool 4.5g/ Cotton 4.5g


Dye/volume: 3 ½ cups


Mordant/amount: alum (15% WOF) for wool/ tannin (10%WOF) for cotton


Additions: ½ tsp iron



Recipe notes:

Mordant the fiber for 1 hr using enough water so the fiber moves freely in the bath. Rinse and put in dye. Heat the material in the dye bath for 2 hrs. Let cool. Rinse until water runs clear.

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