Forsythia – 3


Plant Collected: Forsythia


Date Collected: April 1, 2011


Part of plant used and amount: Flower head


Extraction process notes:

Pick flowers off of stems and put in pot with enough water to cover the plant material. Slowly bring to a boil. Heat on low simmer on low for 1hr.


Dye Recipe


Material/ WOF:  Merino wool 5g


Dye/volume: 3 cups


Mordant/amount: alum (15% WOF)


Additions:  1/8 tsp iron


Recipe notes:

Simmer fiber in alum  for 1 hr and let cool. Rinse fiber and add to the dye bath. Add iron. Simmer for 30 min.  Add washing soda (soda ash). Let the fiber sit in the dye bath for 8 hrs.  Rinse until water runs clear.

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